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Book List: Why is the Sky Blue?

Kids ask a million questions, and that’s probably not an exaggeration! I personally remember asking my mom questions all the time. When I was younger, it usually came in the form of, “How Come?” And from what I recall, my mom always had a great answer! Not only was she a smart lady, but she was always, always reading. She usually had multiple books going at a time. She liked to read a religious/spiritually uplifting book, an educational/non-fiction book, and one from a random genre that was just for fun…though it was nine times out of ten, some kind of self-help book. I think she had a great philosophy and this practice kept her incredibly knowledgeable on just about any subject. It was pretty rare for me to ask her a question, even as an adult that she didn’t know at least something about. And if she didn’t know the answer, she was excited to research the topic and find out. What’s the moral of the story? 'Reading is important, because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything.' - Tomie dePaola


If your child has an inquisitive mind, these fascinating books are sure to help answer all those burning questions like, 'Can an aardvark bark?', 'why is the sky blue?', 'what happens when we die?', 'who invented that?', 'were dinosaurs real?' and so many more!


Can an Aardvark Bark?

By Melissa Stewart (Author)

Steve Jenkins (Illustrator)

Ages: 3 - 5, 6 - 8

Why is the Sky Blue?

By Ladybird (Author)

Ages: 3 - 5

How Do I See?

By Katie Daynes (Author)

Ages: 3 - 5

I Miss Grandpa

By Karen Holdford (Author)

Kevin McCane (Illustrator)

Ages: 6 - 8

How Does My Home Work?

By Chris Butterworth (Author)

Lucia Gaggiotti (Illustrator)

Ages: 6 - 8

Who Invented This?

Anne Ameri-Siemens (Author)

Becky Thorns (Illustrator)

Ages: 9 - 12

Guide to Dinosaurs

By Institute for Creation Research (Author)

Ages: 9 - 12, 13+

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