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One of my boys is a reluctant reader. Although he loves to be read to, it takes very special books to motivate him to read on his own. When I came across "Flight to Freedom" by Kristen Fulton, I knew I'd found something he'd really enjoy! I was so sure that, just for fun, I set the book down in the living room, knowing he would be passing through shortly, and then I left. After a few minutes, I peered around the corner. Sure enough, there he was, sitting on the sofa, fully absorbed in the story. That evening, he was telling my husband all about the story and all he'd learned, causing the rest of the kids to eagerly want their own turn to read the book.Whether you have a reluctant reader in your house or a bunch of bookworms, Nikki and I hope your family enjoys "Flight to Freedom" as much as our kids have.

Flight to Freedom

  • An Inspiring True Story about One Family's Escape from Behind the Berlin Wall!

    Peter was born on the east side of Germany, the side that wasn't free. He watches news programs rather than cartoons, and wears scratchy uniforms instead of blue jeans. His family endures long lines and early curfews. But Peter knows it won't always be this way. Peter and his family have a secret. Late at night in their attic, they are piecing together a hot air balloon—and a plan. Can Peter and his family fly their way to freedom? This is the true story of one child, Peter Wetzel, and his family, as they risk their lives for the hope of freedom in a daring escape from East Germany via a handmade hot air balloon in 1979.

  • Click to order on Amazon

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