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About Us

Sisters, Nikki and Kimmi

Throughout our childhood, we spent lots of time in libraries and bookstores. Over the years, our mom carefully collected excellent books and compiled our own family library, which we were so blessed and enriched by. Now, as mothers ourselves, we started searching for books to fill our own homes - to educate, inspire and “constructively entertain” our seven children. However, we’ve found that sifting through books, eliminating those with themes and references we don’t find appropriate to have in our Christian homes, left us frustrated... but for the sake of our kids and our convictions, we persisted. Each beautiful book we eventually found was like treasure! Then it dawned on us, we’re probably not the only ones who have a hard time finding wholesome books amongst the bombardment of fantasy, evolution and crude humor. So, if you’re in a similar situation, we welcome you to our library and sure hope you find it helpful!

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