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Rooted in Faith: The Purposeful Exclusion of Evolutionary Perspectives

Pure Pages Library is committed to providing a curated collection of books that align with Christian values and beliefs. Our selections serve as a resource for families seeking materials that resonate with their faith and understanding of the world. We are excited to share the reason behind our exclusion of books presenting the origin of life from an evolutionary perspective and our unwavering commitment to the belief that God created the earth and all that is in it in six days and rested on the seventh.

The Foundation of Faith:

At the core of Pure Pages Library's selection criteria is a deep-rooted belief in the biblical account of creation. We stand firm in the conviction that God created the heavens and the earth in six days, as outlined in the Book of Genesis. This foundational belief shapes the content we curate to ensure children are surrounded by stories that reinforce and instill the values integral to Christian faith.

Educational Integrity:

Pure Pages Library understands the importance of fostering a holistic educational environment. By excluding books that present the origin of life from an evolutionary perspective, we aim to provide a cohesive and consistent educational experience for our community. This approach enables children to develop a clear understanding of their faith without the potential confusion that might arise from divergent viewpoints.

Nurturing Beliefs in Children:

Children are impressionable, and the information they encounter during their formative years play a significant role in shaping their worldview. Pure Pages Library recognizes the responsibility to offer literature that nurtures and reinforces the belief that a loving God is the creator of life. By centering on a six-day creation perspective, we strive to be a resource that complements and supports the Christian values parents wish to instill in their children.

Respecting Parental Autonomy:

We also understand many parents prefer to address the theory of evolution with their children at their own predetermined time and pace. We respect the autonomy of parents in guiding these discussions and believe in the importance of fostering an environment where families can approach differing views with intentionality. We acknowledge the need for open conversations about diverse perspectives, allowing families the flexibility to discuss the theory of evolution on their own terms.

Supporting Families in Faith:

Pure Pages Library hopes to become your partner in the journey of faith, providing literature that reflects your values while recognizing and respecting your autonomy in shaping your children's understanding of the world. Our commitment is to be a support system for families as they navigate these important discussions.

Thank you for allowing Pure Pages Library to be a part of your journey, where faith, literature, and family intertwine to create a beautiful story of shared values and enduring beliefs.


Looking for a resource?

"The Case for a Creator for Kids" offers clear and age-appropriate answers to common questions posed by children aged six to ten about the origins of the universe, the intersection of science and faith, and the implications for their beliefs. Adapted from Lee Strobel's bestselling work, the book presents historical evidence, expert testimonies, and scientific research supporting the biblical narrative. It covers topics such as cosmology, DNA, physics, astronomy, and more, connecting the workings of the world with Scripture. The book provides kid-friendly stories, illustrations, and examples, making complex concepts accessible. It serves as a valuable resource for faith development, suitable for children's church programs, church libraries, and homeschooling. The comprehensive approach considers various perspectives, offering solid evidence behind each conclusion about the Christian faith.

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